Starting Your Apprenticeship – Read this first

Getting started in your apprenticeship is hard, here are some great tips about getting started.

But don’t worry, there is help at hand. Check out this article by my friends at

Grab your boots, put on your fluro and own the site. Practice your skill every day, never give up and don’t forget; Australia needs you. Congrats on your apprenticeship; now get to work!

About the Author Eve

Eve John is a multi-awarded business owner, speaker, #1 bestselling author and marketing strategist specialising in service based businesses. She is the creator of the awarded Fully Booked Tradies Quote Conversion System and StatusFaction System and has been called Australia’s leading tradie marketer with her second book HI VIZ BIZ hitting #1 on the best sellers list on Amazon Australia. Eve has spoken live on stage in front of crowds ranging from 20 to 1,000. She has shared the stage with some of Australians best speakers and leading world experts. Her clients have included Swisse, Commonwealth Bank and Fitness First among many others.