If You Can Take The Worst, Then Take The Risk

This has been a rule that I have lived by for the past 8 years.

So often I see people holding themselves back because they are scared, ‘What if I lose? What if it goes wrong?’ they ask themselves.

I used to ask myself these questions too..

But my defining moment was when the doctors told us about a surgery that they wanted to do when my husband was lying in a hospital bed, with an impound fracture in his spine.

The risk, if it failed or they made a mistake, he may never walk again.

If they did the surgery he could get full movement back.

After spending a night worried over it, I turned to my best friend for advice.

She asked me, ‘ What’s the worst thing that can happen?’

I told her.

‘Can he take the worse thing?’ she asked.

Yes, it would be awful, but he could.

‘Take the risk’ she said.

And now I do.

When launching our first product, the worse that could have happened, we lost the $80,000 we invested in the patent. It would have hurt but we would survive.

We took the risk, it paid off, the rest history.

When we decided to have another baby, the doctors were worried about a kidney condition that had seen my son in hospital for 9 weeks in the first 6 months of his life, with 2 serious surgeries. There was a 66%  risk that that any other babies would be at the same condition.

We had my daughter, she was perfectly fine.

Now I even get my clients to apply it.

You see,  I offer a 365 money back guarantee, ‘use my system, give the pack to your customers, send them through the follow ups texts and emails, give them all the marketing material, follow my step-by-step system as described. And if it does not make at least 5 times your investment, of money you otherwise would never have received within 365 days, send me a letter and I will promptly and courteously, give you your money back.’

So what’s the worst thing that could happen?

They get their money back.

Too often we hear that people die are full of regret, not for the things that they did, but for the things that they didn’t do.

Don’t regret all the money you have left on the table!

About the Author Eve

Eve John is a multi-awarded business owner, speaker, #1 bestselling author and marketing strategist specialising in service based businesses. She is the creator of the awarded Fully Booked Tradies Quote Conversion System and StatusFaction System and has been called Australia’s leading tradie marketer with her second book HI VIZ BIZ hitting #1 on the best sellers list on Amazon Australia. Eve has spoken live on stage in front of crowds ranging from 20 to 1,000. She has shared the stage with some of Australians best speakers and leading world experts. Her clients have included Swisse, Commonwealth Bank and Fitness First among many others.

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