Profit Pipeline Audit

Welcome To Your Profit Pipeline Audit Application

For a strictly limited time, I’m inviting a small, select group of local tradesmen just like you, to take part in a Profit Pipeline Audit.

In this session we will fill the gaps in your quote to sales methods.

Not only is this valuable session FREE, it’ll be done over the phone so it doesn’t interrupt your busy schedule.

In this session I’ll give you at least 4 marketing secrets that’ll BOOST the responses of your customers to your quotes!

You’ll discover…

  • The easiest types of follow ups you automatically implement into your business
  • The 5 things to do to get your quotes at the top of the pile
  • How to double or triple the responses you get from your quote
  • Why quotes you hand out should ask for a response and how to quickly build a relationship with your potential customers so they want to buy from you.

There are no strings attached, no hidden agenda on my behalf.

So why would I just give you this valuable information?

Why give up 20 minutes of my time to help you make more money?

Well that’s an easy one to answer. I’m betting that once you see the power and moneymaking potential of how you can now do quotes, you’ll want to know more. You may even want me on board to improve your quoting systems so you can turn more of your quotes into paying customers. So I’m more than happy to give away 20 minutes of my time, because I know many people will be so impressed with their results they’ll want more. And remember, there are absolutely no conditions to this valuable offer. If I improve your quoting systems and you make a heap more money and then you don’t want me to do anything else, so be it! That’s your choice and there’ll be no hard feelings on my behalf.

So now your next step is easy. 

Just TEXT 041 22 55 810 and I will get in touch with you so that together we can fill the gaps in your sales methods. 

To qualify for your Free 20 minute Profit Pipeline Audit you must:

  • Be Fully Qualified for your trade (under Australian Guidelines)
  • Registered for your trade
  • Licensed (If required by your industry)
  • Be operating within Australia
  • Able to take on another 2 more quoted jobs per month
  • Be prepared to hear, the good, the bad or possibly the ugly

Just text your name, your business name, and a preferred days of the week to 041 22 55 810 so we can schedule your audit.