Quick Ways To Create Content About What You Do

These days we told time and time again about the importance of creating content to help market our businesses.

It’s the information age.

Content is king.

Content and SEO is the key to your success.

My clients often say to me things like ‘ I am a plumber/electrician/fencer ( insert any trade business here), no one wants to know about that.’

And whilst I don’t really want to know how to unblock a toilet, it is only so I can say I don’t know and it is not my department, but we are aspects of everyone’s business that people find really useful.

But where do you start and what can you do to ensure that it is relevant to your products and services?
My suggestion is to reverse engineer your content from the product or service you are selling.

Think about what they end result is first (ie: getting them to call you) and then figure out how to get your potential customer to the same point (ie: thinking, ‘I really need to call a plumber’)

Here is a quick way to get it done.

1) Write down all of the services that you provide.
2) For each services, write down why people call you to get it done.
3) Record the early warning signs of when it might be going pear shaped.
4) Think about what you might tell a customer who is waiting for you to go out.
5) Is there something that they can do to make them more safe or reduce the damage?

In my experience, my clients could write a book on all of the information that they know about their industry and whilst I don’t recommend a whole book, tips and tricks are something that we call want to know. So here is a few examples, 5 Signs Your Toilet Is Blocked, 3 Things To Do Before You Call A Plumber, The Main Cause Of Damage To Your Pipes, How To Clean Out Your Guttering To Avoid A Fire This Summer.

So go forth and inform the people so that they can become your paying people.

About the Author Eve

Eve John is a multi-awarded business owner, speaker, #1 bestselling author and marketing strategist specialising in service based businesses. She is the creator of the awarded Fully Booked Tradies Quote Conversion System and StatusFaction System and has been called Australia’s leading tradie marketer with her second book HI VIZ BIZ hitting #1 on the best sellers list on Amazon Australia. Eve has spoken live on stage in front of crowds ranging from 20 to 1,000. She has shared the stage with some of Australians best speakers and leading world experts. Her clients have included Swisse, Commonwealth Bank and Fitness First among many others.