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3 P’s to Profit, the third P – Promote

The three P’s to Profit are

P – Phone you – getting their attention and persuading them to pick up the phone (Before)
P – Pick You – positioning yourself as the only logical choice, converting your quotes to sales (During)
P – Promote you – leverage happy customers to get more repeat business and referrals (After)

When talking to business owners about what they are currently doing in their business I am always really interested to know, how they are marketing to their customers before, during and after.

What’s that? After? What do you mean after?

Well there are plenty of ways that you can help your customers coming back to you each year but today I wanted to give you a way to get them to continue to give create business for you after the sale by promoting you.

The number one thing that I my clients implement to market to their clients is what I call the worlds simplest referral system.

This simple method can be done easily and cheaply.

You can buy packs of thank you cards from Officeworks, or you can have them made.

Inside on the card write:

Dear Peter

Thanks for your business.

It was great to work with you.

Please don’t hesitate to call me when you need my services again.

In the meantime I would like to work with more clients like you, so if you know of anyone needing an electrician, I’d be grateful if you would pass on one of my cards to them.

Yours sincerely

Alex Jones

Make sure that the card and the address on the envelope is handwritten too.

Pop in a few business cards and you are done.

Think about it.

When was the last time you got a ‘thank you’ from anyone?

In fact, when was the last time you got something in the mail that was handwritten?

It sticks out in your mind and a simple, elegant and effective to get your customers to remember you and recommend you too.

If you want to know more strategies to create more money from you existing customer get in touch via PM or email

About the Author Eve

Eve John is a multi-awarded business owner, speaker, #1 bestselling author and marketing strategist specialising in service based businesses. She is the creator of the awarded Fully Booked Tradies Quote Conversion System and StatusFaction System and has been called Australia’s leading tradie marketer with her second book HI VIZ BIZ hitting #1 on the best sellers list on Amazon Australia. Eve has spoken live on stage in front of crowds ranging from 20 to 1,000. She has shared the stage with some of Australians best speakers and leading world experts. Her clients have included Swisse, Commonwealth Bank and Fitness First among many others.