The Quote Winning System The Big Guys Don’t Want You To Know About…

Marketing expert reveals for the first time the secret methods that big businesses use to steal away your business

The Job How To Turn Your Quotes Into A Sales Team Does The Work For You

Best Part: now you can get this exact same system in your business, but only if you qualify

Discover the system that…

  • Wins you more quotes, even if you aren’t the cheapest
  • Takes the hassle out of giving your customer all the details they need to choose you
  • Involves no hard, pressure selling to your customers
  • And best of all, increases the referrals you get for more work

FROM Eve John, - Multi award business owner and creator of awarded ‘Fully Booked Tradie, Quote Conversion System’

Dear Friend and Business Owner

If you are you tired of wasting time and energy on quoting jobs, only to lose out to the bigger companies with their slick sales and marketing team, then this letter could be the most important one you read for your business and your income.

I am going to share with you how you can access the systems that many big businesses use to win away your clients and give you an opportunity to get these stealth strategies into your business.

I will tell you about that in a moment but first

Please let me explain how I know this.

My name is Eve John and for the past several years I have been helping trade businesses grow through highly effective but simple to implement, marketing and sales systems.

Whilst I was launching a range of trade products, now available world-wide, I spoke to hundreds of Australian tradies about their business and what problems they face.

8 years ago, my plumber husband impound fractured 2 vertebrae in his spin after falling down the embankment of the Murray River on a boys weekend.

He spend 5 months in hospital, suffered through 3 operations and painful rehabilitation.

The one thing that kept him going was an idea for an extendable, flexible and reusable silicone nozzle that can be used with silicones and sealants that would make any tradie who had to use these products a lot easier.

It’s called REEECH Silicone Nozzle ( previously known as the BENT OVER Silicone Nozzles, we had to change the name because the big guys in hardware said that it had a sexual continuation to it, we just thought it described what it did)

It competes with the free silicone nozzles that you get FOR FREE when you buy your silicone or sealant.

We took that product to patent, and it is now available around the world.

You might even have seen it featured at World Plumbing Day in 2013.

Over the 4 years that it took us to get it into stores in Australia, I learned from the best marketors and sales coaches in Australia all things about how to stand out in a crowded market place.

We didn’t have the money to spend on big budget advertising in magazines in the hope that we would get some interest in our product, so I had to hit the pavement and go out and talk to builders, tradies, buyers and stores about our product.

I spent day in day out promoting a product that competes with a free product to tradesmen.

And each time I got our product into the store, the retailers were asking me if I could help them with their sales and marketing material because what I had sent them made them pick up the phone and call me, even though they could get a similar type of product free.

So I started to help them and they got good results.

Then I started helping out the local trade businesses that were buying our products, and they got great results.

Finally, the income that I was getting from writing the sales and marketing for trade based business and trade retailers overtook what we were earning from selling our products.

Marketing and sales is not something that they teach at trade school. Even for those that go on and do a business course, the main focus is the day to day running of the business, important things like finances, staff management all important but not income producing.

The Income Producing Activities In Your Business Are Doing The Quotes, Getting The Sale And Doing The Work

And I know that businesses like yours are spending time and money on quotes that you are not winning.

It’s frustrating, time consuming and cost your business in lost time and potential revenue.

Having to trudge out to see the client at their convenience, only to feel that they have asked you as they are getting the 3 quotes every ‘How To Deal With Tradesmen’ guide tells them to.

How many times have you sat up late at night, doing all the paperwork for a quote, missing out on your time with your family, only to get rejected anyway?

Going out and quoting jobs is one of the most expensive yet important part of any trade business.

But, converting those quotes into sales and jobs has been hard.

And what about having that feeling in your gut that you have to be a slick arse sales man?

You never signed on for that.

You are good at your trade, you take pride in your results, why should you have to sell yourself every time someone wants work done?

And it get’s worse

When you don’t get the jobs that you really want, you end up having to take on the jobs that you really don’t, with clients that you know are going to be painful, like picking nose hairs with tweezers.


When you haven’t won the quote, you know it has gone to a third rate party that won’t do a good job anyway.

The big business have the money and the space to run entire teams of sales and marketing teams. They will send out their people for quotes, follow them up relentlessly and the winning them over their salesmenship.

The clients don’t know what has hit them.

They wine and dine them, tell them everything that they want to hear, they always over promise and always under deliver.

It’s a shame that you miss out because of their underhanded tricks

You are just not a professional salesmen, and it seems that the businesses that can afford to have professionals are the ones that win in the end

But You Can Change All That, And Tip The Scales In Your Favour

What brings it down to the wire between you and them when it comes to winning quotes is that they are more prepared with their sales and marketing.

They have more information for the clients, they are really good at selling themselves and their services and they have a system that they use to follow up every quote.

But it’s not your fault, they don’t teach this stuff at trade school and your old boss certainly didn’t teach you this when you did your apprenticeship.

And just like many other industries, everyone is looking around copying each other as they don’t really know what else they should be doing.

The problem with that is, that everyone looks the same, every has the same plain vanilla look to what they are doing, which means that the customers can’t see how they can choice the best, so they just go for the cheapest.


It’s Monday morning and your having a barista coffee (no more instant black sludge from the tin for you ) waiting at the trade desk to collect your supplies for this week’s job.

You hear a few moans and groans from other tradies, complaining that they have been wasting their time over the weekend with quotes they know they wont win. They are putting in the quotes because they are desperate for you work to put something in the diary.

You flick through your diary. it is filled with jobs that you have accepted, even the ones that you over quoted on because the home owner made you wait 20 minutes as she was running late.

Your phone rings, it’s your accountant, he says “your income has increase by 30% this month, so you need to get your expenses up. You really need to buy that new car you’ve been talking about, and I would get the leather seats, you can well afford it.”

Here’s how can you even the playing field

I have learnt that there are some key things that you can do to be able to do to win the customers over.

In fact there are only a few clicks on the dial that you need to implement, to out do about 80% of the competition.

The good news is that now you can.

You need to show them about you and the business.

Get them to like you and feel that you are credible, that you really know what you are doing and that you are the expert in the area.

It comes down to showing them that you are the only logical tradesmen for the job.

You see people only buy on price when you give them a reason on to.

You need to show the client the value that you will bring to the home or business with your work.

So how can you do this without having to hire a marketing and sales person in your business?

The system is dead easy.

  •  You quote the job
  •  You send the quote
  • You follow up with a call

But wait, this what you are already doing?

Like many of my clients, it is.

But it is what you send out with the the quote and what you do when you follow up that makes the difference.

That is what gets you ahead of the pack.

That is what ‘wows’ the customer and gets your quote to the top of the pile.

Introducing the awarded 

Fully Booked Tradies

Quote Conversion System

Here’s what you get:

A custom Done-For-You Quote Conversion System to send out with your quote.

It is so much more than the customer is expecting that it immediately builds trust, authority and credibility long before they even read a word.

This is the new way of doing business, and YOU are on the front line.

The will give you authority, credibility and celebrity before the sale even occurs.

It creates a “tipping point” that prepares the prospect for the sale and leads them on a slippery slide to make your job as a sales person almost flawless, and a hell of a lot easier.

By the time the prospect has finished reading the pack they are already predisposed to buy.

A complete, multi-step automated follow up system.

Because I know that this is something that most trade business struggle with. But it might interested you to know that 50% of your competitors have given up on the sale after one contact. In fact 90% of your competitors have given up after only 4 contacts.

The Fully Booked Tradies Quote Conversion System Is Your Ultimate Sales Person

It never calls in sick, it doesn't have off days, it is always there for you each and every time you quote.

You've set the scene. You've captured your visitors' attention. You've related to them and told them everything they need to know to truly understand what your product is about. Now it's time to start introducing them to the product.



Use my system, set it up, send them through the marketing and publish what is created for you, follow my step-by-step system as described. And if it does not make at least 5 times your investment, of money you otherwise would never have received within 365 days, send me a letter and I will promptly and courteously, give you your money back

Your opposition are going to be running around wondering what the hell has happened, how are they losing out to you.

This May Well Be The Best Decision You Have Made In Your Business

You will walk away with an immediately implementable system ready to go, that gives you the tools and resources to create a more effective and profitable business.

“Okay, so how much is this going to cost?“

Look, if you total up the hours, days, months and years of research behind the Fully Booked Quote Conversion System ... and try to put a dollar amount next to it.... well, it would be mind-boggling...

Ten’s of thousands of dollars would be a huge understatement!

But, my purpose is to make a difference to lives of tradie business owners all over Australia.

So instead of charging hundreds, even thousands of dollars like most other "so-called" solutions...

I’ve made it fair and affordable for you.

I could easily charge ten times (or more) for the system and it still would’ve been a bargain in anyone’s language.

But I’m not greedy...

Here’s the good news

Instead of the $10,000 or $7500, or even a $5,000 discounted price...

If you fill in your application today you pay only $1997.

And you get the systems to convert your quotes Done-For-You ready for you to access every time you quote.

Just imagine…

Each time that you deliver a quote being confident that you are going to convert it. Your potential customer responds to your message and says that they were blown away by the information that you gave them and that they know that you are really busy but can you schedule them in.

And the best part is that you weren’t even the cheapest, they have chosen you because they feel that they know you, you went the extra mile in giving them everything that they needed to make the decision and they know that they are in good hands.


-You can have a waiting list of clients reading to start working with you.

-Your clients were getting better results.

-You have a constant supply of leads coming to your business

-Your business is growing every day, no longer do you have to spend valuable, time and energy on creating your own marketing and business systems, it is all Done-For-You.

But this opportunity is not for everyone

If you are not willing to grow your business, build long lasting relationships with clients and be seen as the expert in your area, please do not apply. I only want to work with genuine professionals that want to achieve their business, financial and lifestyle goals.

But, if you are motivated, excellent at your craft, passionate and willing to change your own life and the lives of lives of your clients, then please apply now.

And yes, you could go out and spend 100 of hours of your time researching and creating your own marketing and sales system, or you could hire someone to work in the office to do your marketing but your probably up for about $47,000 for a university graduate, plus super and Work cover, and they do even have any real world experience. It is pretty much like having a 2nd year apprentice, you have to check in on them, supervise their work and double check everything before the send it out or press publish.

And even if you were able to build something yourself, who would you find to do all of the how would you make it all fit into your business?

But why take up your valuable time and all the hassle, when you can have it all Done-For-You served up to you on a silver platter, ready for you to enjoy.

Or you could have system created for you so that all you have to do is send it out with the quote, it does the rest.

This is Done-For-You, created after I have spend my own spent time and money testing methods on how to get new business from customers.

What’s Your Next Step?

To make sure that you don’t miss out, simply call 041 22 55 810 NOW

But don’t wait on this.

I only take 5 clients a month because I do it all myself.

This way all of you will be able to get all my full attention and get the one-on service

So please, don’t be offended if you are refused as you are number 6.

Ask yourself;

“Why wait?” … “Why miss out and let someone else take your spot”

This is such an amazing opportunity for you to be able to build your business, and make more money.

Just think about it, you will be able to add additional services to your business, you can increase your prices so that you can create the income and lifestyle that you deserve and be seen as the expert in your area.

No more having to waste your valuable time and money marketing your business, no more wondering when the next customer will be coming in. You have the opportunity to make money at your very finger tips everytime your quote a job.

Here’s why you should take action right now…

You’ll still be frustrated with your business, not making the income you deserve, be constantly worried about finding your next customer.

And I’m sure you’d agree… unless you find a solution soon, you’ll still be fed up, exhausted and worried all night about making enough money, correct?

That’s not what you want.

You’re better than that.

You don’t want to be complaining about your business problems in 6 months, 2-years, 5-years, from now, right?

And, you wouldn’t want to miss out on creating more demand for services and helping more clients, would you?

Look, other trade business owners before you have succeeded before you, creating a power and lucrative business using the Fully Booked Quote Conversation System… and so can you.

And you know what?

At some point they all faced the same decision you face now.

And that is – To take action – or not.

And guess what? Success goes to the action takers!

So… join the growing number of Australian trade businesses that are becoming Fully Booked.

Yes, it’s a tiny investment in comparison to the mammoth benefits you’ll get.

So simple fill in your application form right now and get started….

Let’s make it simple for you… Here’s the way I see it…

You have three choices;

1) Continue to do what you are doing (or nothing at all) and hope & pray your situation will improve, somehow?

2) Waste countless days, weeks, months, even years, trying to create your own system and pray it works for you.

3) Take immediate action and follow our proven and tested system that will almost guarantee you results… fast.

Option 3 is the ONLY way to fast track the results your business and position you as a trade profession who makes real changes in peoples properties, whilst exploding your business.


To your success.

Yours truly

Eve John

Australia's Leading Tradie Marketer​

041 22 55 810