HI VIZ BIZ: Marketing and sales tips from Australia's leading tradie marketer

Congratulations on your book. I read it last night and enjoyed it. I'm happy to say as a small business owner of a trade based business (arboriculture) that we are already implementing many of your outlined strategies, however I definitely took on board some extra great tips. Thanks and well done again. - Dean Meyer

Being a trade business owner can be challenging. Many businesses have the feast or famine cycle, doing the books, ordering and even marketing can be a pain and often you wonder if it would just be easier to get a job.

And with 98.6% of construction businesses with fewer than 20 employees, their often isn’t money in the business to employee staff to source new business and new contracts. This falls to the business owner. And that is why this book was written. To help you to tip the scales in your financial favour, helping you to create a profitable trade business.

In this book you will discover:

The three letter word costing you tens of thousands of dollars a year

Insider tips to position yourself as the expert online so that you become the only logical choice for the job

The top ten things clients look for when hiring a tradesman, HINT, it’s not what you think

PLUS, much, much more

Eve John is the creator of the Fully Booked Tradies System and has been called Australia’s leading tradie marketer. In this short and entertaining read, she reveals the tips and strategies that she uses with her clients to help them turn more of their quotes into paying clients. In these bite size chunks you will discover simple and effective ideas that you can implement into your business so that you can become fully booked.