Automate Follow Up

Are you losing customers because you don’t have enough time to follow up, or you don’t know what to say?

Would it surprise you to know that 50% of businesses have given up on the sale after one contact with a customer?

Or that 65% of your competitors have given up after a second contact with the customer?

Astonishingly, 89.8% of them have given up after only the forth contact with the customer.

Yes, nearly 90% of your competitors have given up on a customer after four contacts!

Research into customer buying shows that we need to have at least 6 contacts with someone before we trust them.

But this isn’t easy, unless you know how.

With an automated follow up system, the work is done for you. You don’t need to think about what to write, when to send it is all mapped out for you.

If you can copy and paste a text message and an email you can automate your follow up.

With the Fully Booked Tradies, 10% ers Program you can easily be killing your competitors with ease.

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