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Is Your Problem, Really Your Problem?

On Saturday I spent most of my day teaching a marketing workshop for Melbourne based trade businesses owners.

The program is promoted around ‘Getting more clients into your business so you can make more money’.

And when most people think of more clients, they think of more leads.

At the start of the workshop, I ask them ‘What is the number one sales and marketing priority in your business right now?’

The response ‘More leads’

I ask them ‘How many of your leads do you convert into sales?’

The response ‘Average about six out of ten’

I ask them ‘So,  if we converted more of your leads into sales, would you still need more leads?’

The response ‘ Nope, I would need more staff’

Every time I teach or even speak to business owners about what the one problem they have in their business around sales and marketing, the general response is ‘getting more leads or quotes’

But when we delve deeper into how many leads or quotes they are getting, compared to how many sales that they are making, we discover that if they converted more of the leads and quotes into sales, their business would be much more profitable.

They don’t have a lead generation problem, they have a quote conversion problem.

The reason this is the focus for the first part of the workshop is, I can get them more leads.

In fact, I have over 147 ways to get leads into your business.

But if you can’t convert them, more leads is just more wasted time.

When my clients work with me, we start with conversion of quotes.

Then we look at repeat business.

And only then do we go back and start looking at lead generation.

I know what my client’s needs are, but my clients often can’t see what is right in front of their face.

Like their nose.

Even though it is right there in front of them, for me and everyone else to see.

The problem that you think you are having, may not be the problem that you truly have.

And that is why it is best to get an expert to come in and diagnose the problems.

Otherwise you will be focusing on the wrong thing, creating more work for yourself and losing out on the profit that is out there waiting for you.

I know that some of you are looking for help right now so that you can apply a better strategy for your business so, that you make more sales on your quotes and stop wasting times doing quotes the ones you won’t win. Let’s schedule an exploratory call to see if we are the right fit to working together.

The Super Villain Power We Should All Have For Our Business

Like those of you my vintage (38 years old), I grew up watching the comics we loved as kids become block buster movies.

From the original Superman with Christopher Reid, to the first ever X-Men movie, these have been one of my favourite entertainment past times for years.

Even now I have booked Gold Class tickets ready for the launch of LOGAN – The Wolverine.

These movies have been an escape for me, thrilling and breath taking, a triumph for good over evil.

But over the school holidays, re-watching many of these movies with my kids, I have started to become a little more interested in the evil villains, than I am the perpetual good guys.

I realised that there are several qualities in the villains that I actually admire.

And I am not just talking about having really cool evil lairs.

The super villain power that I really admire is – TENACITY.

These crazy bastards just don’t give up.

They keep coming back.

Time after time.

Movie franchise after movie franchise.

They get beaten to a pulp by Batman, or literally beaten into the ground by Superman.

Their entire base of operation is ripped apart by Wolverine’s claws or Cyclops lasers, get they always get back up and try again.

Take it like a knock on the chin and keep coming.

These villains have serious tenacity.

Tenacity is defined as ‘the quality or fact of being very determined; determination.’

It is persistence,  perseverance, doggedness,  single-mindedness, strength of will, firmness of purpose, tirelessness,  resoluteness, resolve,  staunchness,  constancy, staying power,  relentlessness.

Frankly, I would love to see more of it in business.

Too often I hear of people giving up too soon or saying ‘I tried that once and it didn’t work’.

And I get it.

No one wants to be told ‘No’

We get a knock back from a client, or our business idea doesn’t take off, nothing goes as well as planned and we feel like giving up.

It’s hard, a punch in the face, kick to the guts.

But what would happen if you channeled your inner Joker, Lex Luther or Magneto and you kept on keeping on.

You don’t give up on the first knock back, or indeed the fiftieth either.

Call a client, get a No.

Maybe it means, not right know.

Launch a new product, no one buys it.

Maybe you need to look at your marketing and try a different approach.

You don’t need to go to extremes of illegal acts and delusions of world domination.

But maybe a little tenacity, staunchness and persistence to stay in the game, is all that is between you and what you want to achieve in your business.

And an evil lair, you should always want an evil lair.

Should You Claim Your Google Business Page

Spending a few hours in front of some trade business owners and talking to potential clients this last week I always like to give them  a few easy to implement but high return things they can do to make difference to their business.

And this week is was Google Business Pages.

Especially for business that don’t have a website.

You see, unlike Facebook, people go to Google with a definite purpose in their mind as it probably easier to find exactly what they were you looking for.

A Google business page will come up in a Google search that shows you on a map when someone is searching for things that are location based.

For my face to face, service based clients it is all about location, location, location.

Claiming your page will allow you to appear on the map.

Once you have claimed your page you can add some information about your business and  it will also allow you get reviews about your business.

Reviews about your services can provide proof that you are the best choice for the potential customer.

Try it for yourself.

Google plumbers (your suburb) and see what comes up.

Google fish and chips (your suburb) and see what comes up.

See what catches your eye and of course where it comes up on the page.

Is it just the location, or is it the business with 4 or 5 stars next to its name?

If you notice it, chances are others will too.

You want to ensure that you are right in the sight of your local potential customers, showcasing your business and your happy clients.

Claim your online real estate now.

Don’t rely on the current financial temperature to predict your success

If you live in Melbourne you have to be prepared for any type of weather.

Take today, 38 degrees, not a cloud in the sky.

Tomorrow, 17 degrees and rain all day.

I had to get out of the house early today to beat the heat.

I wasn’t going anywhere special, just to buy my son another school jumper as it is only going to be 15 on Thursday with rain and storms.

Standard Melbourne week.

Growing up with weather like this teaches you to be prepared.

My car is full of umbrellas, gumboots, towels, sunscreen and hats, both winter and summer versions.

And being prepared is just as necessary for business as it is for Melbourne weather.

So many business owners come to me to get their marketing done when they are in a drought, they have no customers left.

When business is busy, the money is pouring in with the phone continues to ring, no one is worried about going out and getting new customers or planning the next marketing campaign.

But like the weather it can be unpredictable.

Me,  ’m not one for taking a risk.

I (and my smart clients too) don’t want to leave it up to chance, we like to control our financial forecast.

Too often when the  work runs out everyone is looking to me to make it rain for them.

Whilst I can be more consistent than Mother Nature, it is up to you to be prepared.

And like us Melbournian’s with a car load of all-weather-gear, you can be prepared to always get your phone running hot, no matter what business you are in or what time of year it is.

Having a marketing system that you can turn on and off,  predictable, reliable, so systematised a 1st year apprentice could do it and that delivers you a steady flow of profit, allows for constant sunshine rather than a scorched and barren bank account.

Don’t rely on the current temperature to predict your success.

Click on the Learn More button to get yourself a proven and awarded system so you can control your financial forecasts.

Qualifications Vs Experience, What Counts And When?

Recently I got a call from a local not for profit group who wanted some help marketing their services. Specifically, they wanted to know my thoughts on their billboard out the front of their centre to help to increase the number of local people using the facilities.

I do a fair bit of pro-bono work for local not-for profit organisations and was happy to help them out.

The board had been set up out the front of the centre, in a very high traffic area. Wonderful because your ads will never work if no one sees them.

The biggest issue that I saw with the billboard was that it was 50% logo.

Now, whilst I do think branding is important, your logo is not a headline, you are not Nike.

So I gave them an outline of what I think would be more suitable and some other strategies they could apply.

After running this past my suggestions past the committee, I had a phone call ‘What are your qualifications to make these recommendations?”

The committee wanted to know what my educational background was. How was I able to make these suggestions about this marketing strategy.

And here in lies a common questions, what is more valuable qualifications or experience?

Now I know that in several industries, qualifications are compulsory and rightly so, but my question here relates to what do you look at when it may not be the case.

I have a Bachelor of Adult Learning and Development, hold several diplomas and certificates in education and vocational training, which were compulsory for by industry I was working in years ago.

But do I have any formalised marketing qualifications? No.

Have I worked with and been trained by some of Australia’s leading marketers, copywriters and publicity experts? Yes.

Have I spent more on my ‘education’ than most people spend on several cars, learning from people who have done what I want to do, taught what I need to know and have more successful clients that I count? Yes.

Have I used this knowledge to make my businesses marketing and my clients marketing very profitable? Yes.

Do I write about, get interviewed for and speak on stage about my expertise based on my experience? Yes I do.

So, what do you think is more valuable, experience – where I have put my own money on the line, been in the trenches, testing what works, what doesn’t and learning from failure and success, or qualifications – learnt from theory, often from people whom themselves may never have had any experience.

And the end result for the updated billboard?

The implemented some of my suggestions, doubled their business and are on track to triple it next year.

So you decide if my lack of formalised qualifications is important.

What Your Customers Are Really Looking For, It Isn’t What We All Think

“What qualities do you look for when hiring a trade contractor to perform construction or maintenance work?”

Working with my tradie clients helping them to turn more of their quotes into paying customers, I have found that there is a big misconception about what customers are really looking for, and most of these things are really simple do ensure that you are doing on a regular basis for your business.

Research has been done to find out exactly what customers are looking for and it may not be what you thinking.

Here is the Top Ten things that customers are looking for, how do you measure up?

  1. A speedy response to their enquiries
  2. Providing a quick, correct and fully detailed quotes that has options/alternatives
  3. Be on time, turning up when they say they will
  4. Be clean and tidy in person and on the job, cleaning up after themselves
  5. Do what they say they are going to do
  6. Showing that they respect the client – no swearing, being on time courteous and approachable,
  7. Giving the clients regular progress updates, issues, and job details
  8. Delivering high quality
  9. Follow up after the job to gauge satisfaction levels and say thanks
  10. Deliver unexpected value – go that little bit further

(Notice price wasn’t mentioned once?)

These should be the “norm”. The minimum level of service you provide.

I know that some of you are looking for help right now so that you can apply a better strategy for your business so, that you make more sales on your quotes and stop wasting times doing quotes the ones you won’t win.Let’s schedule an call to see if I can help, email me at

When Clients Judge You – Everything Matters

Sunday saw me judging the NABBA/ WFF Victorian Bodybuilding and Model Championships.

It was a huge day full of fake tan, teeny tiny outfits and more diamontes than an Elvis Presley convention.

A great day, amazing physiques and a stack of talent in the showmanship rounds.

Judging is not easy, it is always subjective, arguments break out, competitors are on stage for what seems like an eternity, all for 9 people to judge them and give them glory and a plastic trophy.

But the one thing that constantly stuck out to me as an important lesson is ‘everything matters’

Obviously physique matters, but so does choice of outfit, hair style, tan, deportment and presentation.

Because it is judge on the physique presented with the least amount of flaws, for some catergories when trying to decide between the placings, it could come down to the tiny details, like a broken finger nail or streaky tan.

It is a reminder that in business, you are judged on everything, everything matters.

From your website, to your uniform, to the way you present your paperwork, all of these things are going to make an impact about what your potential clients think about you.

So stop for a minute today and think about whether or not your business presentation would allow you to take out first place.

And if not, where are you lacking?

For those of you not sure, send me a message, I am happy to put on my judges hat and give you a ranking and feedback, maybe a plastic trophy if your nice.

7 Top Ways For Tradies To Get More Followers On Social Media

If you want to grow your social media account then you should be actively looking for new ways to get extra followers. The more followers you get, the larger the number of people that each of your new posts will be automatically broadcast to. This is ultimately one of the primary objectives of social media and it’s what will give you a lot more reach and authority thus ensuring that all your hard work is not for naught.

But how do you go about growing your followers when you’re starting from humble beginnings? Read on and we’ll look at some of the best ways to do so.

Add People
This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to get more followers is simply head onto your platform of choice and then go about adding as many people as you can. What you’ll find is that a large proportion of those people you add will respond in kind and immediately add you back. It can be slow going but it’s an almost guaranteed way to extend your reach and influence.

Retweeting, repining or resharing is one of the very best ways to grow your following. Why? Because once again the people you help out will often want to do the same for you and that way you can expose yourself to their audience too.

Use Smart Hashtags
Using the right hashtags and people will easily find your posts when they’re looking for related topics. Check what’s trending then post about that.

Encourage Sharing
Some posts are simply more sharable than others. Amusing videos are always a good way to get a share or retweet, as is writing a positive review (as the company you are reviewing will often want to spread your message).

Cross Pollinate
If you have a captive audience already then make sure you leverage that opportunity. Ask your blog readers to follow you, your YouTube audience, your mailing list even customers who you see in person!

Build Followers

This sounds like a catch22 but the more followers you have the more followers you will continue to gain. The reason for this is simple: people like to join accounts that look popular. For this reason followers beget followers and once you build up enough, it will become self-perpetuating.

Team Up
If you find the above strategy doesn’t work then you should try agreeing to team up before you go ahead. Give a shout out to your followers in exchange for someone else doing the same for you and you both will stand to benefit

If you need to know more about how you build your social media following so you can get more clients, later this week I will be launching my new book – The Tradesmen’s Guide Attracting Customers Via To Social Media, if you want a preview copy, send me an email today

Can going to the movies be a tax deduction?

Firstly, I’m clearly not an account so this is certainly not financial advice.

But, I got to thinking the other day, about the importance of really having to know what your clients are into, what they are talking about and how you can capture their interest using current events and popular topics.

Amongst other things the best way for me, is to read what they read and watch what they watch.

For example, when I am research for my clients in the plumbing industry I’m buy up big on all the home, bathroom, kitchen magazines, I check out forums where people ask questions and I see what is selling in the industry.

Now, I can truthfully say I buy Penthouse Men’s magazines for the articles and advertisement because I write and research content for my ‘men’s market’ focused clients.

All of these I collect receipts for and claim as a business expense.

So, now I am adding ‘going to the movies’ in as part of my research.

We love going to the movies.

It is part of our culture.

You can learn a lot about communicating in the best way to your clients using the language, phrases and topics that people are current.

So the my question is, can you list the top 5 blogs your clients read, the top 5 sites they visit and the top 5 magazines they read?

If not, better do some research.

P.S Anyone wants to come and see ‘Bloodfather’ with me?

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